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How Do I Create A Business Google+ Page?

List your business on Google and let potential customers find you
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In this video, you will learn about

  • How to select the right type of Facebook page for your business type
  • How to create a Facebook page for your business
  • Selecting the right types and sizes of images that your business Facebook page will need
  • Optimizing your Facebook page with business details and a strong call to action

By the time you are finished, you will have created a professional front page to your business on Facebook. This will allow you to engage with your current customers, find new customers, and strengthen your online presence.

Setting up a Business Google+ page and getting listed on Google are two important ways to turn Internet searchers into customers for your business. Let's start with how to create your Business Google+ page.

First you will need to obtain a Gmail address if you do not already have one. You can create a free account at If you have a Gmail address, go ahead and log in. After you are logged in, go to so that you can set up a Personal Google+ account. If you have a Personal Google+ account already, you should already be logged in; if not, visiting this page will walk you through a few simple steps to set up your free Google+ account.

After you have your Personal Google+ account set up, go to This will allow you to create a Business Google+ page. The Personal Google+ account that you use will be the owner of the Business Google+ page. You can always add other users later.

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Google+ page and you are ready.

Now let's cover how to get your business listed on Google.

Go ahead and log into your Gmail account again if you need to. Now head to Use the search box in the upper left hand corner to search for your business and address. If your business pops up in the list, go ahead and select it. If you can't find your business, click on the bottom options to add your business, then fill out the necessary info that automatically pops up.

You can then arrange for a verification code to be sent to you by postcard which usually takes one to two weeks to arrive to your business address. In some cases, you may be allowed to receive the verification code by text message or phone call. Regardless of how you receive the verification code, you will use that code as the last step in verifying your business and address.

And that's it!

Congratulations on setting up your Google+ Business page and getting listed on Google!