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Should I Choose A Brand, Service Area, or Storefront page type?

Learn whether you should select a brand, service area, or storefront page type for your Google+ business page.
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In this video, you will learn about

  • The types of Google+ pages that are available
  • Identifying your business and how it interacts with customers
  • Utilizing Google+ business page types to cover all aspects of your business
When you are finished, you will know the three types of Google+ business pages and be equipped to create the right page for your business.

If you want to create a Google+ page for your business, you will need to select the right page type before you can create your business page.

There are three page types you can choose from: Storefront, Service Area, and Brand. Storefront pages are for concrete business locations where a customer would actually go to. For instance department stores, restaurants, and hotels would all be examples of a store front page.

Service area pages are for business locations where the service comes to the customers such as electricians, piece of delivery, or taxi services. Finally, Brand pages are used when you do not have an actual business location, but would like to create a business page for a product, music, gruop cause, or sports.

Let's take a deeper look at the pros and cons of each page in how to know which one to pick.

Storefront pages are essentially a location page so they are ideal for businesses that want to list their individual locations. Two major benefits of selecting the Storefront page type is that it will add a location pin on local maps for your business and it will allow your business to be reviewed, which will also be shown on maps.

Service Area pages allow you to choose an entire region in which your personal business works so these are for busineses where you to go to work somewhere else. In other words, a Service Area page is not for a brick-and-mortar location but for personal service professionals. When you select a Service Area page and define a service area, this area will show up on maps, creating a better experience for potential customers in your area.

Brand pages are generally for brands or products where having a local listing isn't important. For instance, a brand as a whole for example doesn't need to have a maps listing review capability or service area. Instead, these pages should be used to illustrate what your brand is and what it means.

If you feel that you need more than one of these page types, you can create more than one. For instance, if you are a large business with a brand, but you still want to locate your individual locations or service areas you would probably create multiple pages. However, bueinsses do not need to have both Storefront and Service Area patients.

If you're a smaller business, you probably don't need to create a specific page for your brand. It can also be difficult to have to manage and update multiple pages since that can take up valuable time and resources. That's all there is to it! If you get confused, remember just ask yourself if you have an actual business location and if so, ask yourself if you go to the customer - in which case you'll select Service Area page. Or of the customer comes to you, in which case you'll select a Storefront page.