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LinkedIn: The largest networking opportunity-but without business cards or firm handshakes

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What is all the fuss about LinkedIn? To some, the social media platform seems like nothing more than a complex digital resume. Others view LinkedIn as the world's largest networking opportunity but without business cards or firm handshakes. There is some truth to each of these, but neither captures the full measure of LinkedIn's potential.

If so, then what exactly is LinkedIn, and why should your small business care about it? To answer this requires an in-depth look at the social media platform to discover the following:

  • How and why to socialize on LinkedIn?
  • How to begin using LinkedIn?
  • How to use LinkedIn most effectively?

About The Authors

Caz Bevan

Director of Marketing Operation at Boostability

Caz has many years experience providing SEO-powered social media and content strategies for a variety of businesses and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV.