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How Much Should I Pay For SEO?

Ranking in search engines requires a lot of effort, patience, and resources. But how much should you invest?

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What's Inside?

Search Engine History

Search Engine History

It is important to understand what SEO used to be and how it progressed to make the best spending decisions.

We'll go from 1994 to 2015 and fill you in.

Today's Ranking Arsenal

Today's Ranking Arsenal

There are a lot of components to SEO, what weight do these each pull and how can I best utilize them? Branding, social media, high-quality content, meta tags, usability, and links play very large roles.

SEO Tactics

SEO Tactics

Time is money when it comes to SEO. Learn how to break down what you should spend your time on and what you shouldn't.

About The Authors

Colton Miller

Senior SEO Strategist

Colton has worked as a Digital Marketer for Boostability for over ve years. He has substantial experience in sales, consultation, account management, and strategy, all with emphasis on SEO. He has worked with spends that ranged from $50 - $50k a month. He feels passionately about Search Engine Optimization, and he continually seeks ways to share his knowledge while learning more. He currently works as a Senior SEO Strategist for Boostability. In his spare time, he works on his personal life-style brand, Hectick.