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What's Inside?

Understand Search Engine Basics

Understand Search Engine Basics

After reading your free eBook, you'll have a clear understanding of how search engines - like Google, Bing, and Yahoo - operate and pull search result from around the Internet. You'll learn more about search engine spiders that crawl the Internet, following links and measuring content for search relevancy.

Answer the question, "Why Do I Need SEO?"

Answer the question, "Why Do I Need SEO?"

Many small business owners begin searching for answers to basic questions like, "How do I get my website on Google?" without realizing that the process behind these results is what the online marketing world refers to as SEO - Search Engine Optimization. In this ebook, you'll learn more about what SEO is and why you should be concerned with optimizing your website for better search engine results.

Know How To Get Started On SEO For Your Website

Know How To Get Started On SEO For Your Website

Now that you know and understand the world of basic search engine optimization, your eBook will go over some first steps to how you can add SEO to your website. Together, we will review how search engines measure website relevancy and website trust.

About The Authors

Caz Bevan

Director of Marketing Operation at Boostability

Caz has many years experience providing SEO-powered social media and content strategies for a variety of businesses and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV.