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Your business—regardless of its size—should be a part of the Twitter-verse.

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When Twitter founders Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams started the social media platform, they chose the name because they thought "twitter" implied chatter, background noise, and a long stream of "inconsequential information."

What may have started out as a rookie social media website has now grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. As a result, Twitter spawned the term "micro-blogging" – the perfect term to describe Twitter's short-text updates. Today, businesses, celebrities, and political parties resort to Twitter to share information and persuade audiences.

Your business—regardless of its size—can be a part of the Twitter-verse. Start promoting your business via Twitter, and you'll benefit from Twitter's vast network of corporations, consumers, and business tools. All you need is an account, some gumption, and a little bit of patience to watch your bright idea go from a passing fancy to a game-changing revenue powerhouse.

This eBook explains:

  • Why your business needs a Twitter account
  • How your business will benefit from using Twitter
  • How to sign up for a Twitter account
  • Where to start once you sign up
  • What common jargon you’ll encounter
  • How to guarantee success with your Twitter account
  • Which tools to use to track your progress

About The Authors

Abigail Pace

Copywriter & Blogger at Boostability

Abigail Pace is one of the few extroverts writing copy and blog posts for Boostability’s clients. She enjoys listening to the melodic sounds of ABBA, making homemade pasta, and dabbling in politics. Connect with Abigail via her LinkedIn profile.

Shannon Williams

Team Lead Over Onsite Copy & Onsite Blogging at Boostability

Shannon Williams is the team lead over Onsite Copy and Onsite Blogging at Boostability. In her three years with the company, she’s also worked in guest blogging and content strategy. As much as she enjoys writing for different companies, Shannon hopes to publish her own novels and personal essays one day. She enjoys all aspects of pop culture, and she aspires to be a little more like Leslie Knope.

Caz Bevan

Director of Marketing Operation at Boostability

Caz has many years experience providing SEO-powered social media and content strategies for a variety of businesses and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV.